Ball Transfer Tables

We supply a wide range of ball transfer tables, please see the below categories. If you're looking for roller conveyors, please see here.


What are Ball Transfer Tables used for?

Ball transfer tables, ordinarily used within conveyor systems, transfer totes, boxes, and also cartons between lines. They're generally found in industry for assembly, in addition to testing, or inspection. Regularly used because of the ease of which products can be moved, or turned on the ball table. Thereby allowing quick manipulation of the product. Ball transfer tables are also suitable for the movement of heavy loads with minimal effort as the balls move freely. Ball tables are available on our store at standard sizes, however we do manufacture them in our UK based factory.  as a result we can make them to suit your specifications. With a frame of welded mild steel, and an average load rating of 40kg per ball, they're the ideal solution for movement of heavy duty goods.



Why order from MHWeb?

At MHWeb we have over a decade of experience in manufacturing industrial equipment. We manufacture standard, and also custom made / bespoke to order. All our products are made to the highest quality in our UK factory, before being sent out to you, usually readily assembled and ready for work. Should you require a more complex ball table, conveyor, or work station configuration, we have a skilled assembly and installation team who can come to your site to install and test. We want to ensure that you're ready using your MHWeb products in a quick, efficient manner. Our design and sales team have knowledge in wide ranges of industries, and can offer helpful suggestions should you be unsure about which products you may require. Please get in touch for any product information, advice, and no obligation quotes that you require.



Examples of Ball Tables